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Our Story...

Soya Rama’s food dates back to the 1980’s in a time when ready-made vegetarian food was not easily available. Founder, Premilla Maharaj, defied the norm of staying at home and embarked on a journey of serving the Pietermaritzburg vegetarian community.

The community loved her food back then, as they still do today. This encouraged her to start her business from her home, selling soya products.

And just like the Marigold flower; so beautiful, healthy and aromatic, Soya Rama was born.

Starting from two freezers, Premilla and her supportive husband, decided to open a store where they would serve the greater Vegetarian Kwa Zulu Natal community.

Premilla, a vegetarian,  who has a knack for cooking; believes in the best quality ingredients, and a taste for good food. Her love for pairing simple spice combinations and soya food, stem from her travels to India and Africa.

Soya Rama prides itself on the best quality ingredients, flavoured with an Asian infusion that brings dull veggies to life!

The Soya Rama Range includes meat-free; chicken style pieces, fish style pieces and chicken breasts. 

All of our products are meat-free, healthy and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

And, our products are also Free from onions, garlic, preservatives, artificial colours, antibiotics, hormones, and cholesterol and Trans fats.

So, go on, TRY some of the Soya Rama Goodness!