Meat Free with an Asian Blend of Spices

Our Products

Soya Rama prides itself on products rich in Asian flavours, aromatic spice and texture. Our combination of spices bring the fusion of Asian flavours in our meat-free product range.

With taste, quality and good health being at the heart of what we stand for, we are pleased to let you know that, with the exception of the Spiced Soya Mince, our products are Seitan based and are not made with Soya (We however decided to keep the cool name though ;-) ).

Our products are also free from onions, garlic, preservatives, artificial colours, antibiotics, hormones and are naturally cholesterol and trans-fat free.

The Soya Rama Range meat -free range currently includes the following (Click on the image or link below to purchase from our online store).

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About us

Soya Rama’s food dates back to the 1980’s in a time when ready-made vegetarian and vegan food was not easily accessible.

Soya Rama prides itself on using best quality ingredients, flavoured with an Asian infusion of spices.  All of our products are meat-free, cruelty-free and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Our products are available  online. Click  to shop online, or click here to see our locations nationwide.

We also specialise in partnering with restaurants and catering companies by providing both the base products and bespoke recipes incorporating our delicious products. We aim to help your kitchen or catering company meet the ever-growing demand for vegan food by allowing you to provide both classic traditional dishes as well as contemporary cutting edge vegan recipes on your menu.


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Our Promise

All our products are hand crafted at our health and safety certified meat-free factory based in Johannesburg

We at Soya Rama pride ourselves on the quality of our service and food. We maintain excellent cleanliness and hygiene in our factory in accordance to the South African: Department of Health requirements.

 Our raw material is freshly sourced and we pay attention to the smallest detail to ensure that you have an enjoyable meat free experience.

All of our food is prepared using state of the art equipment and freshest of spices & ingredients. We take care to ensure that only the highest quality, healthy and the most delicious food gets on your plate….